A couple weeks ago I wrote about a site called cataloguechoice.com that stops your unwanted junk mail. Now there is a smartphone app that does it for you. It’s called paperkarma where you take a photo of the junk mail and submits it. Paper karma takes care off the rest. Easy and really convenient!

The typical person spends about 90 seconds brushing their teeth each time they brush. If they leave the water running, they will use about 3 gallons of water. If you turn the faucet off in between and only use it to rinse then you can save 2 gallons each time you brush your teeth. That’s saving about 28 gallons a week, 112 gallons a month or 1344 gallons a year!

Every year, only 25% of the worlds pet cans and bottles get recycled! The rest of these ends up at landfills and in the ocean. This beach on the coast of California is just one of many beaches where trash washes up. Did you know that an average 1.2 million pounds of trash is picked up at beaches, waterways and lakes every year… And that’s just in California alone! All the animals living on these beaches( in this case the sea-elephants) will suffer for mankind’s irresponsible behavior. Time to do something about it. I’m getting a filter for my tap water!

More restaurants need to follow this example!

I challenge you! Go out and take a walk.

To be honest, the purpose of this blog, the reason why this blog is invented, why I want to create a website and post “green” videos is to bring awareness to my followers. At the core though, it all really comes down to this… 

Every other day you hear something from someone or you read something on how we are destroying the earth, how we need to protect it, compost, change out the light bulbs with low energy ones, save water by changing out the shower heads, etc. As much as all of these are meaningful, I think there’s something more to it. To make a lasting impact, someone can’t just pop ideas in your head and tell you what to do. The ideas need to come to you. 

I believe that these ideas comes from experience something, isn’t it true? Think about all the movies, An Inconvenient Truth made popular by Al Gore for example, tons of documentaries about polar bears dying in the north pole, birds suffocating from oil spills and other drastic cases. These are all movies and videos made to enlightened you on the truth. The strategy is to get you so sad, frustrated, upset that you might actually do something about it. My question is this though… Isn’t there a better way to excite people about our world and to help it as it needs?

I believe that a better way to encourage people to help the earth and all the creatures of the earth is to show them what’s out there, encourage people to enjoy what’s out there, even if it’s just a quick walk on a weekday. And if you’re out more, you will start to notice the impact we are making on the earth. Most of us have experienced it, at least once… You know when you’re out in nature and you suddenly get that “WOW” feeling? Like, “This is so beautiful, I can’t believe this is out here!” And then there it is- trash on the ground, oil in a puddle or even just a piece of chewing gum on the ground. The more we have these “WOW” moments, the more I believe they will stick in our minds and naturally move us to do our part. 

The changes you may want to make for our planet could be small or big. Maybe you’ll start composting so that at least your kitchen waste won’t end up in landfills. Or you may just even decide to pick that chewing gum up and put it in a trash can. My point is that you probably wouldn’t do it because someone at some time told you to do it. I’m not even convinced you’d do it because of a video you once saw about birds choking on our littered trash. You will probably just do it because you care about your surroundings and see that chewing gum is not meant to be there… And maybe, this kind of motivation will lead to other good deeds to help our earth. 

Go Green

Are you tired of the junk mail you get in your mail box everyday! Everyday people get “junk mail they really don’t want and therefor throw away as soon as they get it in their mailbox. Many think the same thoughts, I wish they didn’t send this to me, I don’t even need/like their service. Many of us even take the time to call the company and ask them to stop advertise to you but their is just so many companies!

The solution to this is a website called catalogchoice.org. Simply sign up and start reducing your “junk mail”.

Since Catalog choice is a non profit organisation every donation they get will help them reduce more waste.